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Transit Cases

Antenna Positioner Transit Cases

Nextmove designs cases with custom foam inserts that fit our positioners and accessories perfectly. The suit case style roller case with extension handles make for easy transportation.

Transit Cases

See all of our models listed below. Nextmove can also add or modify cases based on individuals specific requirements. Contact us today for more details.

Transit Case Compatible Products Color Notes MSRP
TC-LA-360AZR-10-1 LA-360AZR-10 Black $1,400
TC-LA-360AZR-20-1 LA-360AZR-20 Black $1,400
TC-LA-360EER-10-1 LA-360EER-10 Black $1,400
TC-LA-360EER-10-2 LA-360EER-10 Black w/Orion Radio Bracket $1,600
TC-LA-360EER-20-1 LA-360EER-20 Black $1,400
TC-LA-360FER-10-1 LA-360FER-10 Black $1,400
TC-LA-360FER-10-2 LA-360FER-10 Black Fits Tripod $1,600
TC-LA-360FER-20-1 LA-360FER-20 Black $1,400
TC-LA-360FER-20-2 LA-360FER-20 Black Fits Tripod $1,600
TC-LA-360FERP-20-1 LA-360FERP-20 Black $1,400
TC-LA-360FER-50-1 LA-360FER-50 Black $2,800
TC-LA-360RPT-10-1 LA-360RPT-10 Black $1,400
TC-LA-360RPT-10-2 LA-360RPT-10 Tan w/Orion Radio Bracket and BlueSky Mast Adapter $1,600
TC-LA-360RPT-20-1 LA-360RPT-20 Black $1,400
TC-LA-360RPT-20-2 LA-360RPT-20 Black w/GHU $1,600
TC-LA-60EBP-10-1 LA-60EBP-10 Black $1,400
TC-LA-60LPT2-10-1 LA-60LPT2-10 Black $1,300

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