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Milford, NH: Nextmove Technologies introduces the LinkAlign-60EBP-20 Pan/Tilt positioner.

The LinkAlign-60EBP-20 is used with 3 foot (90cm) 70/80GHz parabolic microwave antennas. 70/80 Eband microwave links have very narrow beamwidths of less than 0.3 deg. Cellular microwave monopole towers bend up to several degrees due to the sun and thermal expansion.

These daily solar events will cause daily link outages due to the tower bending. LinkAlign-60EBP-20 provides 24/7 radio monitoring and trigger levels to repeak the link when the signal degrades due to the tower bending. The end result is an automated link management tool to provide the 99.999% QoS that network operators depend on.
About NextMove Technologies?
Nextmove Technologies is located in Hollis, NH and is an industry leader providing high tech motion control products to the communications market. To find out more about Nextmove Technologies visit www.nextmovetech.com.