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Milford, NH Nextmove Technologies introduces the LinkAlign-ALTE Auto Acquire LTE Extension.

LinkAlign-ALTE expands the operating range of 3G/4G/LTE services. If your mobile network operates in regions with limited carrier service then LinkAlign-ALTE is a product for you. LinkAlign-ALTE has multiple high gain directional antennas that provide 360 degrees of coverage while increasing the operating distance of your mobile network.

Most high gain directional antennas for extended 3G/4G/LTE require alignment back to a tower. LinkAlign-ALTE has a built in switching and monitoring to auto scan and negotiate the best path for your extended service condition without user alignment or configuration.
About NextMove Technologies?
Nextmove Technologies is located in Hollis, NH and is an industry leader providing high tech motion control products to the communications market. To find out more about Nextmove Technologies visit www.nextmovetech.com.