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Auto Antenna Alignment Positioners

Explore our complete line of Auto Antenna Alignment positioners. All of our products operate using Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology, making it easy to connect and start using immediately. Built-in GPS and compass is standard equipment for many models. All products come with a built-in web based user interface with numerous tools, including auto point, track, and peak targets of interest.

  • Antenna Size

  • Frequency

  • Range of Motion

  • Drive Torque

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Nextmove provides a web-based user interface that is hosted by each LinkAlign or LinkaSat antenna positioner. The web hosted control comes installed on the positioner?s embedded controller.?This full-featured control suite provides many tools for the creation of a point to point radio link. If preferred, Nextmove also provides a software ICD which allows our customers to develop their own control suite for more complex integrations.

Nextmove provides a web based user interface for configuration, monitoring, and manual control of any LinkAlign-ALTE Series product. The web hosted control comes installed on the embedded controller. Open a web browser and type in the IP address to remotely connect and control from anywhere on your network.

Why LinkAlign

Achieve Multiple Return on Investment

  • Eliminates the reoccurring cost associated with manual realignment involving bucket trucks and tower crews
  • RoI can be realized after the first time the LinkAlign positioners are used

Rapid Incident Response Time

  • Manual alignment can take hours or even days to achieve due to tower crews and/or equipment availability. Environmental conditions (wind, ice, etc) may also delay manual alignment due to safely concerns
  • LinkAlign positioners take less than 90 seconds to acquire and less than 30 seconds to peak your microwave line of sight link. Recover or optimize communications faster

Increase Quality of Service

  • LinkAlign provides closed loop radio signal strength antenna alignment resulting in an optimized link
  • Greater returns higher QoS over manual alignment