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ALTE User Interface

Cellular Repeater Setup Suite

Once configured LinkAlign-ALTE?cellular repeater searches on power up for the strongest 3G/4G signal and selects the antenna path with highest signal strength. Nextmove provides a web based user interface for configuration, monitoring, and manual control that is hosted by each LinkAlign-ALTE. The web hosted control comes installed on the embedded controller. Open a web browser and type in the IP address to remotely connect and control from anywhere on your network.


The main control page on a LinkAlign-ALTE allows the operator to monitor antenna selection, manually select antenna, force a re-scan, or configure an ALTE cellular repeater for operation.? Details on the User Interface operation are provided here.

ALTE Birdseye View

The ALTE Birdseye View provides a visual representation of an ALTE?cellular repeater unit looking down on the topside. The antenna element shown in green is the active antenna. The start and stop buttons allow the operator to manually force a new 360 search or stop an active search.

Antenna Status Window

The Antenna status window provides status of the active antenna in green. Once each antenna has been scanned it will record the values collected for each antenna. A glossary of terms is also provided to explain RSSI, RSRP, RSRQ, and SINR.

Message Center

The message center provides status of the ALTE?cellular repeater unit to allow the operator to understand its current state such as scanning or antenna selection. The green LED indicates that ALTE is talking to a cellular modem and will turn red if no communications are present between ALTE and cellular modem.

Settings Radio Button

The settings radio button (Shown as 3 gears) opens the settings window to allow configuration of your ALTE?cellular repeater with cellular modem and the rest of your network.


Configure the LinkAlign-ALTE IP address, Select your modem manufacturer, type of scan for tower selection, add users, and update software.

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