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LinkAlign-360VPR Series

Positioner with Optional Encoders

The 360VPR Antenna Positioner Series controls or auto-points directional antennas or other payloads that require pointing in any direction for Azimuth (pan) and Elevation (tilt). The VPR series is a Power over Ethernet (PoE) positioner and includes a built in embedded controller, GPS, and compass with intelligent software that provides a web based user interface that can be accessed from anywhere on your network. In addition the VPR series offers an optional on axis encoder that provides 0.01° position resolution to both the azimuth and elevation axis. Additional features such as a static base with Ethernet, signal, and RF pass-thru as well as optional extended Digital I/O are also available. Continuous azimuth range of motion options are available utilizing a slip ring and RF rotary joint.