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GPS Heading Unit – Standard

MSRP: $6,518

The Nextmove GPS Heading Unit (GHU) is a tool-less bolt on accessory which uses GPS technology to provide accurate heading when paired with a Nextmove LinkAlign antenna positioner.

Nextmove developed the standard model GHU to work with the LinkAlign EER, FER, and RPT Series of antenna positioner systems. Higher frequency line of sight radio and satellite links have antenna beam widths of less than a few degrees which can make the initial alignment process extremely difficult.

This tool provides Nextmove LinkAlign antenna positioners with a more accurate heading to place narrow beam line of sight and satellite antenna links on target. After the initial point using the GHU, the LinkAlign antenna positioner will use its built in closed loop RF peaking tools to optimize and maintain the link.

This GHU works with the EER, FER, and RPT Series of antenna positioners. Nextmove Technologies also offers a GHU to work with the EBP series. If desired the GHU can be adapted? to other Nextmove series antenna positioners.

The GHU is the perfect solution for auto acquisition of high frequency narrow beam antennas.

Technical Specifications


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User Interface

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