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MSRP: $17,635

The LinkAlign-360MPS-10-340 radome enclosed positioner is designed to be integrated with any QPAR 340mm reflector with various options of RF frequency ranges (not included). Configurations available from 6.5-40 GHz with single or dual linear polarized feeds can be mounted in a vertical, horizontal, or slant 45 configuration.

The embedded antenna controller has a built in GPS, digital compass, and user activated IMU for pitch/roll/yaw stabilization.

The web based user interface provides configuration, monitor, and control of the antenna positioner and offers NORAD two line element program tracking, list tracking and GEO pointing with user defined scanning and peaking tools. In addition Nextmove has a command line interface for customers that want to add our solution into a larger system.

The LinkAlign-360MPS-10-340 offers 360° of azimuth travel and -10° to +90° of elevation range. Continuous azimuth range of motion is available utilizing a slip ring and RF rotary joint.

Optional GPS heading unit and pole mount adapters are available upon request. Visit LinkAlign Accessories page for details. Download the Interface Control Drawing (ICDN901053) for more details.


Why LinkAlign?

Achieve Multiple Return on Investment

  • Eliminates the reoccurring cost associated with manual realignment involving bucket trucks and tower crews
  • RoI can be realized after the first time the LinkAlign positioners are used

Rapid Incident Response Time

  • Manual alignment can take hours or even days to achieve due to tower crews and/or equipment availability. Environmental conditions (wind, ice, etc) may also delay manual alignment due to safely concerns
  • LinkAlign positioners take less than 90 seconds to acquire and less than 30 seconds to peak your microwave line of sight link. Recover or optimize communications faster

Increase Quality of Service

  • LinkAlign provides closed loop radio signal strength antenna alignment resulting in an optimized link
  • Greater returns higher QoS over manual alignment

LA-360MPS-SL340 Datasheet

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User Interface

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LA-360MPS-10-SL340 Datasheet

LA-360MPS-10-DL340 Datasheet

LA-360MPS-10-QMS00807 Datasheet

LA-360MPS-10-QMS00567 Datasheet

LA-360MPS-10-QMS00568 Datasheet

LA-360MPS-10-QMS00436 Datasheet

LA-360MPS-10-QMS00312 Datasheet

LA-360MPS-10-QMS00949 Datasheet

Interface Control Drawing

LinkAlign User Interface Manual

User Interface Overview