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MSRP: $18,268

The LinkAlign-360MPT-30 is a Power Over Ethernet (PoE) antenna positioner designed from the ground up to automatically point and peak directional antennas for microwave line of sight or satellite communications.  The LinkAlign-360MPT-30 is intended for continuous tracking applications.

The embedded antenna controller with built in GPS and digital compass has a full featured web based user interface which provides rapid and accurate antenna pointing. The user interface includes manual control and status along with a stored satellite database and two line element set program track capability allowing for easy tracking of satellites in low or medium earth orbit.

The LinkAlign-360MPT-30 is typically paired with 2-3 ft antennas, payloads up to 100 lbs. (45.4 kg), offers 360° of azimuth and +/-95° of elevation range.

Download the Interface Control Drawing (ICDN900850) for more details.

Optional pole mount adapter, tripods/quadpods, polarization axis, and antenna adapter brackets are available upon request. Visit LinkAlign Accessories page for details.


   LA-360MPT-30 Datasheet

N500191 (PDF)

   LA-360MPT-31 Datasheet

N500228 (PDF)

   LA-360MPT-35 Datasheet

N500227 (PDF)

   LA-360MPT-36 Datasheet

N500249 (PDF)

   LA-360MPT-37 Datasheet

N500250 (PDF)

   Interface Control Drawing

ICDN900850 (PDF)

   LinkAlign User Interface Manual

LinkAlign User Interface Manual (PDF)

   User Interface Overview

User Interface