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MSRP: $68,950

The LinkAlign-360MPT-50 is a full sky program tracking antenna positioner designed from the ground up to automatically track Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites used for communications.

The embedded antenna controller has a full featured web based user interface which provides tools for rapid and accurate antenna pointing. The user interface includes manual control and status along with a stored satellite database and two line element set program track capability which allows for easy tracking of satellites in low or medium earth orbit. Nextmove also has a command line interface for customers that want to add our solution into a larger system.

The LinkAlign-360MPT-50 is typically paired with 1.0 to 2.4 meter antennas, payloads up to 500 lbs (226.8 kg) including counterweights, and offers 360° of azimuth and ±90° (180°) of elevation range.  Optional cross elevation accessory available to eliminate keyhole effect for overhead passes. Download the Interface Control Drawing (ICDN900697) for more details.

Optional riser stands, antenna adapter brackets, polarization rotators, transit cases and cross elevation drive (ICDN900652) are also available.

Visit LinkAlign Accessories page for details.

Why LinkAlign?

Ease of Installation

  • The MPT-50 is delivered with AC to DC power supply, Power Cable, Ethernet Control Cable, Counter Weights, and optional antenna adapter brackets.
  • Our antenna controller is embedded inside the pedestal and user interface is web based. No additional internal rack space is needed and no special software to load and configure.

Web Based Tools

  • LinkAlign comes with an extensive list of software tools such as a pointing database to store and recall targets, Slot Tracking, Program Tracking, and closed loop peaking and scanning.

Customer Service

  • Nextmove designs and manufacturers every product we sell. This gives us maximum flexibility when working with our customers to get to the system they need. We value our customers and their end goals and are always here to support.


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User Interface

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Interface Control Drawing

Optional Cross Elevation Drive

Interface Control Drawing

LinkAlign User Interface Manual

User Interface Overview