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MSRP: $12,295

The LinkAlign-360RPT-F20 is a Power Over Ethernet (PoE) antenna positioner
designed from the ground up to automatically point and peak directional
antennas for microwave line of sight communications. The LinkAlign-360RPT-
F20 is unique from the LinkAlign-360RPT-20 in that the base of the positioner
containing the PoE input and ethernet pass thru connectors does not rotate
relative to the mast, eliminating potential cable wrap challenges.

The built in GPS and digital compass with full featured web based user
interface provides rapid and accurate antenna pointing. The user interface
includes a stored locations database that allows easy recall of known target
locations followed by a final auto peak using radio signal strength.
The LinkAlign-360RPT-F20 is typically paired with 2-3 ft antennas, payloads
up to 90 lbs (40.8 kg), and offers 360° of azimuth and +/-10° of elevation

Download the Interface Control Drawing (ICDN900864) for more details.

Optional tripods, table top mount, radio adapter brackets, antenna adapter brackets, polarization axis and transit cases are available upon request. Visit LinkAlign Accessories page for details.



N500195 (PDF)

   Interface Control Drawing

ICDN900864 (PDF)

   LinkAlign User Interface Manual

LinkAlign User Interface Manual (PDF)

   User Interface Overview

User Interface