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MSRP: $5,995

LinkAlign-ALTE is an auto acquire LTE extension tool for 3G/4G cellular routers. The product offers six MIMO antennas to improve operational distance between the network provider tower and subscriber. LinkAlign-ALTE is ideal for anyone who operates a cellular data network near or beyond the edge of coverage.

LinkAlign-ALTE will operate with any 3G/4G cellular router and auto negotiate the best high gain directional path back to a cellular carrier tower no matter where you deploy. This is accomplished by scanning each antenna and returning to the highest signal strength all without user intervention and no moving parts.

The system is powered using Power over Ethernet (PoE) and has a web based user interface for setup and maintenance.

Technical Specifications


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ALTE User Interface

ALTE comes with an embedded controller that hosts the User Interface. Learn more about the embedded software tools to configure and monitor ALTE.


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Interface Control Drawing

LinkAlign User Interface Manual

User Interface Overview